Do I Just Not Get How VFF Sizing/Fit Works?

Just about every sizing table disagrees with how Five Fingers feel on me, which makes me wonder if there is something I'm missing. Do they stretch after wearing them for a while? Because I bought a 43 Trek Ascent that I've been wearing around the house and about half my toes are touching the ends when I stand up.

My feet measure a 10D at the store, I measured a hair over 10.5 inches at home, and I wear a 10.5 in pretty much everything. I have really long toes (they look like baby fingers, my ring toe is almost as long as my big toe and the two in between are the same length as my big toe, but my pinky is normal). I tried on a size 42 V-Run and it made a couple of my toes curl. Is this normal? Do I just need to have faith in the sizing charts and wear them until they stretch out?
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