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What is the status of AI development? It well known that AI in ETS2/ATS is somewhat derpy (and by "somewhat" I mean "a lot"). It accelerates/decelerates before entering an accelaration/deceleration lane instead of after it; it tries to take over by switching lane without speed increase (making you brake and swear); it stops at the crossroads as if giving you the way but completely blocking you instead, neither moving itself, nor letting you go; etc., etc. In the past there were definitely less of these problems.

fake oakleys I was in a central subway station and was gonna take the stairs when I noticed a couple of people, a young girl, probably around 16 18 years of age, blonde, with very long princess like hair and very pretty and a fairly aged man, around 60, probably her father., that was carrying a lot of big bags. They looked like they had come from a rural area and she was stopped in front of the stairs, crying silently and her father was telling her, come on, step on it, nothing is gonna happen. Moved me a lot, I dont know why. fake oakleys

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cheap oakleys They are the most loving, beautiful creatures with amazing personalities. Their speed was unmatched on the field when we used to take them out. We have a greyhound now (ex racer) who probably wouldn come back if we let her off, so we have a big ass garden for her to zoom around in. cheap oakleys

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replica oakley sunglasses It will take awhile for those rates to go down. I was 24 when I got my license and was paying $500 a month for full coverage for the first 6 months. Then between $200 250 for the next 2.5 years. He might not have the same grasp on topics that sell universally as Whedon does, but he extremely good at things like dialogue so he tends to do a lot of that for other shows/movies.A good number of things like that are uncredited so really the only way you know for sure who worked on what is to get their accounts. Think about the story of Kurt Russel essentially directing tombstone, he uncredited in that role but it doesn mean that he didn do the work. We just wouldn know about it if it weren for the first hand accounts of others working on the project.All this to say that his talent isn necessarily limited to anything, he just found where his greatest talent lies and he does that more than what people expect him to do based on his decent popularity in the 90I think you might be simplifying the appeal of Kevin Smith movies a bit. replica oakley sunglasses

cheap oakley sunglasses Downside as a tool for Prolonging Sleep Prospects, rather than the intended Safeguard Against Accidents.I mean, if the girls in the pictures safely can use the diapers for something else, why shouldn't I be able to, too?I then realised there might be even more stigma to buying adult diapers for one's own size and gender (if that is a thing?) and wondered if the girls (that use them for fun things, like pictures and such) buy the diapers themselves or have the guys buy them?I then remembered how (a lot) of guys can be about female hygiene products and so my question, which is a two parter, would be:1) Would the guys (who liked looking at girls in diapers) buy the diapers?2) Would their un /willingness to buy the diaper at all correlate with their un /willingness to buy female hygiene products?Edit: I decided editing a small bit, that was intended as funny, but upon re reading just came off as obnoxious for the sake off it. Ruins the flow. Pun not intended.. cheap oakley sunglasses

fake oakleys Lane. Charles E. Romano. Unpopular opinion(?) but I think Lookin Up is one of BNL weakest songs on an album yet. Really bland, feels overproduced, and desperate to be a hit. But as for the rest, it certainly their best since Page left. Been a few years and I moved away from the extreme drum circle groups and see there a balance. If I thought you had an actual solution, you and everyone else would have already stopped mass shooting 2 decades ago. And no the real western world had guns rights for centuries until the UK said fuck the Magna Carta and stripped people right fake oakleys.
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