Any other Canadians out there?

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Hi all, I'm a new convert to VFF's, having just bought some KSO's about a month ago.  My husband has had his Flows since February.  We're both loving running in them, but I'm wondering about temperature changes if we're both going to end up needing Flow's and KSO's.  Not that I'm that likely to run in really cold weather anyways, but who knows, maybe I really will be that dedicated come winter!  :)
What are your experience of VFF's in the varying seasons?


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    Some people wear flows and KSO with injinji toe socks in below freezing weather.  I wear my classics down to ~40F and any colder than that, I put on my watershoes with wool socks.  One of the major reasons to wear VFF also happens to be a major setback when it comes to cold weather.  Your toes are separated from each other, so they can't share heat with the neighboring toes!
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    I've run in my KSOs and Injinji socks down to about -27C. At those temperatures, my feet are cold, but not frozen.

    The issue isn't so much warmth as traction. VFFs don't give any grip, so I only run when there's no ice or snow on the sidewalks. Throughout the rest of the winter, I run barefoot on a treadmill.

    By the way, I live just outside Toronto.

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    The thing that I found annoying in winter wasn't so much the snow and ice (which felt more secure under my feet wearing Sprints than wearing regular shoes) as slush.  Snow and ice will make your feet cold and over time that adds up.  But stepping in a slush puddle is instant unhappiness. 
  • Welcome, from Southern AB. I think that I will always have both the Flow and KSO as part of my wardrobe. I've had plenty of opportunity to experiment with running in VFF in all kinds of weather weather. My favorite cold weather mix are Flows with socks. Even when wet from puddles, slush, or melting snow, the neoprene provides adequate insulation (when I run... gotta keep moving). As the weather has started warming up, however, I have had to move to KSOs to keep my feet from sweating terribly. I'll continue to use my Flows when it is cold or for kayaking, but they are not a warm weather option in my opinion.

    We've had a wet, slushy couple of weeks. Typically, I would wear a pair to work and then change into dry ones once there. I have gotten tired of always waiting for my VFF to dry, so I started going barefoot more often. Bare foot has been the best waterproof material I have come across yet :-). My feet have even gotten more use to the cold, but I am glad to see the temperature finally begin rising.

  • Thanks everyone for the replies!  I never really thought about it, but yeah I can see the slush definitely being a problem!!! 
    I'm from Saskatchewan.
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