Sizing inquiries, before posting look here first!

It seems that the number one question on every VFF newbie's mind is "What size should I get?".  As many of you know, this is a very complex and difficult question to answer.  Vibram's sizing chart is based solely on overall foot length.  It does not take into account whether someone has long toes, short toes, wide feet, narrow feet, etc.  My hope with this thread post, is to provide pictures and descriptions of our feet along with the sizes and styles of VFFs that we currently own.  This may help all of us determine the proper sizing of a model if we can locate someone that has a similar size/shape foot as our own.  My goal is to cut down on the overall amount of threads created regarding sizing.  

Please post a picture and description of your feet and a list of what VFFs you own in what sizes.

I will kick things off.


I have short toes, thick/tall, and wide feet.  No Morton's toe or anything of the sort.  My overall length measurement is 10.25 inches.  I don't have an actual numerical width measurement, but I was told that I just make it into measuring EEE with traditional shoe sizing.  I wear M40 KSO, M41 Classics.  These are the only two models I have found that I match the Vibram sizing guide.  I also wear M41 See-Ya non-LS and EL-X.  I wear M42 in Speeds, KomodoSport LS and Spyridon LS.  I up-sized to gain width.  Just to keep things interesting, I also bought the W42 Jaya and they fit fine.  I also wear 42 in Stem and 43 in Vivo barefoot.

I hope this helps someone out and I hope as others contribute to this thread post, that it can someday become a one stop shop for all sizing inquiries.


  • 24.5 cm (9 5/8 inches) , Morton's, neither wide nor narrow. 39 or 40 in Classics, 39 in Sprints, 39 in Treksports and Bikilas, 40 in Bikilas LS,  40 in Flows (39 is good in length but toes are squeezed), 39 in VB Boxing Boot and Lucy Lites, 40 in Off Road Hi and Evo II, 39 in Stem (now Lems).

  • My Black KSO's arrived :))) they seem to fit like a second skin, very snug, a bit pushing my toes but i think it's perfect :) it's nice to walk in them and it doesnt hurts.
    6gjEaNrnOQ92qUUHzz75Ja4SOOiW2.jpg I'll post more photos later. The shoe size iz 41! My feet are around 10.5-10.7 long. Also for me 42 was good in treksports (maybe 41 too) 41 and 42 in seeyas, 41 in grey kso, and 42 in spyridon (i think also 41 too). For me 41 is when my toes push to the end and 42 when they kiss. (but 42 seems sometimes not as a second skin)
    I'll put my feet here later :)
  • Hi! I just measured my foot width. It is 10cm width (240mm circumference) exactly which is sightly narrower than normal (D is normal and mine is C). I guess that's why the black KSO's are perfect for me :) What do you think, are Woman's 42 the same as Men's 41 for me? Sometimes they are much cheaper and have better colors. For example, what is the sizing difference between male black 41 kso and women 42 bikila? Or the bikila ls in women 42? I think mens 41 would bee too wide for me? I also have normal arch.


    Made same photos :)

    This leg likes KSO black (its said to bee tighter than others) men 41 very much! It's snug like a second skin but also comfortable, nearly all toes reach the end of the pockets (except the left 4th toe).
    Feet length:  10.5" (right), 10.62"(left)  - but the left shoe is the same feeling for me altough it also has a 1mm mortons toe.
    Feet width: 3.937"
  • Bikila W42 arrived to me today and this is the BEST fit of my vff's for now!

    length: it's a litlle bit longer(!) than M41 KSO black and KSO Trek black
    top of foot: it's thight but i am able to put it on my feet and tie it, but i think every wff is like that for the first try
    heel: perect fit for my narrowish heel
    width: perfect for my narrow(?) foot :) when i put on my kso, i have to spread my little toe to get in the pocket. In the bikila W42, i don't need!
  • The bikila w42 is no longer too tight on top (nevr was actually too much) and it's the more comfortable for me than kso and trek M41! it's really longer than them a bit. :)
  • Hi! I'm new here, and I was hoping to pick anyone's brain regarding how my vibrams fit. I recently bought a pair of 2011 KSOs, my first ever pair of VFFs. I have a foot that looks somewhat similar to horse rider, in that my toes are very tapered. I found a shoe that fits my big toe (the longest toe) perfectly - womens 40-41. My last two toes however fill less than half of their toe pockets, and I can feel those toes move around in the pockets when I wear my vibrams. The store attendant told me that eventually you get used to it, and not to sweat it, but I'd like to get an opinion from the community here (since none of you has any vested interest in selling me something).
    Thank you very kindly in advance for the help/ advice :)
  • Thank you!!!  :D
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